Perfect Summer Party

The team over at Paperless Post recently invited me to share what I would do to create a perfect party. With Summer upon us I have designed my dream cocktail soiree complete with flamingo macaroons and a decorated cactus. See below for a list of resources and ideas including Paperless Post's lovely invites and cards.

Eat: cactus cookies, flamingo macaroons, watermelon wedges
Drink: watermelon mojitos and rose lemonade
Decorate with: bay leaf love banners, floral balloon garland, bedazzled cacti
Wear: anything pink or green like this dress from asos

If you are hosting any sort of party this Summer check out Paperless Post for invites. Have a look at my full inspiration board here on Pinterest.


I've always been fond of a good map and this collection of illustrated maps by various talented people would definitely add some fun and colour to your walls. I've recently been designing a map of the National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty for work and I've become obsessed with cartography!

Mr. Boddington Studio

Whilst I was browsing Pinterest for research purposes ( I wasn't at all being naughty and not doing work) I came across Mr. Boddington Studio a truly delightful stationery brand that focusses on sunny and whimsical designs, all illustrated by the creative director Rebecca S. Ruebensaal.

The Sill

The Sill's mission is to make the experience of discovering the perfect plants as wonderful as the plants themselves. The Sill is the source that bridges the gap between plants and people – offering products and services that to fit with your personal style, your lifestyle, and your budget. They sell plants, you buy the plants, they post you the plants. Boom.

West Elm Pop Up Shop

Over the last weekend of May I had the enormous pleasure of selling my product range at West Elm on Tottenham Court Road in London. The team kindly invited me to sell my wares in their lovely store and I wanted to share a few photos of my mini shop. I was very silly and forgot to snap a photo of the sofa with all my cushions on but I did manage to take a pic of that area on my instagram here.

A huge thank you to Griffin and Jess who were so accommodating and made me feel so welcome and special. I would love to do something like this again and I would also urge anyone thinking of organising a pop up to go for it wholeheartedly.

Bead Necklaces - Three Ways

I bought some geometric wooden beads off Etsy ages ago and I've finally gotten around to making something with them! I really love modern and fun jewellery and these necklaces are so easy peasy to make.

What you need

Wooden beads - I bought mine here
Acrylic paint
Clear varnish (nail varnish will do)
Paint brushes
Small bowl
PVA glue

Marbled Beads

To make the marbled beads fill a bowl with water and carefully drop small amounts of acrylic paint onto the surface, use as many colours as you like but I suggest three. Stir all the colours gently together with a toothpick or the end of a paintbrush to achieve a marbled effect. Thread  each of the beads individually and dip them slowly into the water and lift back out. Hang them up until they are dry. Thread your beads using thread, silk or waxed twine.

Colour Block Beads

Paint each bead a different colour of your choice, as its nearly Summer I went for very bright colours. To archive a gem stone effect choice two similar paint colours and mask off the alternate sides of your beads. Paint the exposed sides with one colour and wait to dry. Mask off the other sides now and paint with the different colour. Thread the finished beads using thread, silk or waxed twine.

Glitter Beads

This gets messy! Mix equal parts glitter and PVA in a disposable cup or bowl and paint each side of your bead, you may need a few coats for a perfectly glitter covered bead. Thread your beads using thread, silk or waxed twine, this time I think that less in more with regards to the number of beads you have on your neckalce - one will do the trick!

Erie Basin

I have a thing for vintage jewellery, when I get married its going to have to be a 1920's / 30's ring or no dice. In all seriousness I think that is is a fantastic idea to buy vintage pieces, they have more soul, they usually come with a romantic or tragic story attached and if I'm being blunt - its a lot cheaper to buy vintage too.

Hence my excitement to have discovered the wonderful Brooklyn based jewellery store Erie Basin. Taken from their site.. "Erie Basin opened in 2006 and quickly became an international destination for its thoughtful and surprisingly modern selection of antique jewellery and furniture." Below are a selection of my favourite pieces.

The Best Floral Wallpapers

Perhaps its the fact that Summer is just around the corner but botanical wallpapers have really been catching my eye recently. I'm usually not much of a floral person but after discovering the beautiful Rifle Paper Co. collection for Hygge and West I was a changed woman. I've collected my favourite papers from around the web and hopefully if you're on the hunt for some florals you'll spot one here that you love.